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Over 20 different creative skills all in one place

Our talented team of artworkers, designers, copy writers and photographers boast a wealth of specialist skills and experience to handle any creative request.

Complex Image Retouching

Why spend a fortune on reshooting something when we can solve your image problem with expert retouching, compositing or manipulation. Whether you need something taken out, added in, extended or changed shape we have the skills and specialist software to make it happen seamlessly. We can even change the lighting and environment and add a multitude of visual effects.

To coincide with a big budget TV adaptation of War & Peace, we were asked to make a tie-in image. We extended the image, replaced the wall and headboard, added in a new book and changed the hands to match along with a series of lighting effects.
Client wanted to sell a gaming desk as a home office desk without having to take new photos. By swapping out the items on the desk and the room itself changes the context.
The client didn't have time to photograph their updated shower module so asked us the add in the new side screen and seat, remove the duckboard and add a model from another photo shoot.

Services Include:

Compositing people / objects into royalty-free stock photos
From £80
Removing objects from photo shoots / royalty-free stock photos
From £64
Changing lighting, adding effects
From £80