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Over 20 different creative skills all in one place

Our talented team of artworkers, designers, copy writers and photographers boast a wealth of specialist skills and experience to handle any creative request.

Image Work

If you’re looking for a quick and cost effective solution to your image requirements Creative Cupboard are here to help. Whether it’s cutting an object out of its background, removing blemishes, colour correcting or adding shadows you’ll find we can do them all. We can also crop and resize images for web and social media and screen grab stills from videos.

The client wanted this stock image to have some minor tweaks and colour corrections to work better on an advert. We removed some of the clutter from the sink and coloured corrected the woman's top to reflect the brand colours.
We were supplied photos taken on a mobile phone and were asked to tidy them up. By removing the backgrounds, airbrushing in some shadows and some colour tweaks, the product looks much better.
The client asked for the dried water marks to be removed from the windows along with making the garden more vibrant.

Services Include:

Cutting objects / people out of backgrounds
From £32
Removing blemishes
From £32
Colour correcting
From £32
Cropping, scaling images for web & social media
From £25
Making video stills
From £25