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Over 20 different creative skills all in one place

Our talented team of artworkers, designers, copy writers and photographers boast a wealth of specialist skills and experience to handle any creative request.

Logos and Branding

A logo is an integral component of any brand and helps distinguish it visually from any other. Here at Creative Cupboard, we absolutely love logos. Whether you need to adapt your current logo for additional purposes, need it updating or want a whole new look, our designers at Creative Cupboard are full of fresh, exciting ideas.

Phoenix 681 FC - visuals and final logo created for a team that was formed to raise money for Parkinson's disease research.
Heirloom Coin Collections - visuals and final design with layouts
Dooo - logos done for Stylists event and premises
Our logo was a trial and error process. The initial lettermark concepts were interesting but not quite in character so we went back to basics with a simple drawing of a cupboard incorporating the CC monogram.

Services Include:

Recreating old logos in modern formats
From £32
Amending existing logos to work in a wider variety of settings (e.g colour changes)
From £32
Rebranding / creating new logos
From £240